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An Inconvenient Lie

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Music

30 Seconds to Mars just unveiled their new video for “A Beautiful Lie,” the title track of their 2005 album. The video shows the band performing in the Arctic Circle and is part of their push to raise awareness about global warming. Check it out.

Is the right truly this despondent over John McCain potentially being their nominee or is this just another stunt on her part to get attention? In related news, hell has frozen over.

Ann Coulter Says She Would Back Hillary Over McCain

By E&P Staff

Published: February 01, 2008 10:25 AM ET

NEW YORK We know the far right is upset with John McCain as nominee but this is really going pretty far: Ann Coulter on Fox News asserting that if he gets the GOP nomination she would not only “vote for” Hillary, she would “campaign for her if it’s McCain.”

She said on Hannity & Colmes last night that Clinton “is more conservative than he is” and adds that in that scenario “she will be our girl.” As president she would be “stronger in the war on terrorism” and would not pull the troops out of Iraq, pointing out that she jumped to her feet at the State of Union speech when President Bush said the surge was working (and Obama did not).

Hannity says, looking back to 2003: “McCain supported the war.” Coulter points out: “So did Hillary.”

Alan Colmes says Hillary would say “no” to Coulter’s offer to campaign for her.

But Coulter goes on: “Hillary is absolutely more conservative” and moreover “she lies less than John McCain. And she’s smarter than John McCain so when she lies she knows it….John McCain is not only bad for Republicans he is also bad for the country.” Hannity doesn’t agree.