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Father of the Year

Posted: April 21, 2007 in Pop Culture

Alec Baldwin.

Believe in Nothing

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Media, Music, Pop Culture

“If you wanna hang out you’ve got to take her out…”

Some stories are just too good to be true.

Richards Denies Snorting His Dad’s Ashes
Keith Richards Denies Snorting His Father’s Ashes; Magazine Says It Wasn’t a Joke

LONDON Apr 4, 2007 (AP)— Off the cuff or up the nose? That was the question Wednesday as Keith Richards said he was joking when he described snorting his father’s ashes along with a hit of cocaine.

“It was an off-the-cuff remark, a joke, and it is not true. File under April Fool’s joke,” said Bernard Doherty, a Rolling Stones spokesman, about Richards’ quote in NME magazine.

But the magazine said on its Web site that the remark was “no quip, but came about after much thinking” by the 63-year-old guitarist.

In a statement posted on the Rolling Stones Web site, Richards said:

“The complete story is lost in the usual slanting! The truth of the matter is that I planted a sturdy English Oak. I took the lid off the box of ashes and he is now growing oak trees and would love me for it!!! I was trying to say how tight Bert and I were. That tight!!! I wouldn’t take cocaine at this point in my life unless I wished to commit suicide.”

The result? Keith Richards is now the subject of two of the greatest urban myths in the history of rock n roll. I think the other myth was a little more believable: that he checked into a clinic in Switzerland and had a complete blood transfusion to try to kick his heroin habit. Kudos to the New York Post as well for the best headline ever written.

I would like to congratulate my friends in the DC band the reserves, for finishing their first album. They’ve scheduled a release party/performance at Iota Club and Cafe this Friday. I’ve seen them several times in bars and clubs around DC, and on one weekend trip up to New York City and friendship aside, I can vouch that they are good. You can pick up the album on iTunes or CD Baby. Check them out.


Posted: October 17, 2006 in In Memoriam, Music, Pop Culture

Check out this Rolling Stone report from the final performance at CBGB’s.

On that note, watch this epic 3-song, 6-minute performance by the Ramones at CBGB’s.

Gabba Gabba Hey!


Posted: September 30, 2006 in Music, Pop Culture

I’m working on an in-depth comment and analysis of the political fallout of the Mark Foley resignation, which I’m hoping to have up sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out this joint performance by U2 and Green Day last weekend for the opening ceremony of the first New Orleans Saints home game at the Superdome since Hurricane Katrina last year.

Quick Update

Posted: September 22, 2006 in Music, Pop Culture

I’ve been swamped with school work for the last week or so, so I haven’t been able to write on this very much. I have a few ideas kicking around and some possible blog entries at different stages of completion.

In the meantime, keep yourself entertained with this stunning live performance by Jeff Buckley.

Wish You Were Here

Posted: July 11, 2006 in In Memoriam, Music, Pop Culture

“Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!”

Several news organizations are reporting that Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett has died.

Barrett was the band’s leader and creative force during its early years before he eventually left the band and was replaced by David Gilmour, and Pink Floyd went on to become one of the best selling and most influential bands of all time. More info on Pink Floyd here and Syd Barrett here.

He was also a central theme of the band’s 1975 album Wish You Were Here (hence the title of this entry and the use of the album cover). “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is about him, and during Pink Floyd’s performance at Live 8 last summer, Roger Waters told the audience,”It’s quite emotional standing up here with these guys… We’re doing this for everyone who’s not here. And particularly, of course, for Syd,” before performing “Wish You Were Here.”

Rolling Stone has reached into its archives and dug up this 1971 interview with Syd Barrett which you should read. According to the MTV News writeup, he hasn’t given an interview since 1971, so this could be the one.

Finally, this bit of information coming in from the Department of Bad Karma: Rolling Stone is reporting that although Barrett died on July 7, it was not announced until today (July 11). Today is also the day that the DVD version of Pink Floyd’s 1995 live album Pulse is released.