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Watch this video of teenagers reacting to Nirvana…  One thing worth pointing out is the fact that even though they were all born after Cobain’s death, the reactions to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” were pretty similar to when my friends and I were that age when the song came out in 1991.

h/t Mark Yarm

There have been some developments regarding the Alice in Chains project I’ve been working on for nearly two years. I recently signed a deal with a publisher. Here’s the official announcement, it ran in Publisher’s Marketplace yesterday (it’s behind a paywall, text is pasted below):

July 9, 2013

Pop Culture
Journalist David de Sola’s TOUCH ON THE DARK, the first and only biography on the band Alice In Chains, promising countless never-before reported stories on the band with exclusive access to producers, journalists, musicians, and many others who have never gone on the record about their time working with the band, to Rob Kirkpatrick at Thomas Dunne Books, by Anthony Mattero at Foundry Literary + Media (NA).

In the meantime, work on the project continues. We are hoping for a late 2014/early 2015 release.

You can read some of my previous reporting on Alice in Chains here, here and here. All of this will be covered in greater depth in the book.

Update: For visitors who have questions about me, I would recommend they read about my background and look at some of my previous work from over the years.
Even though it’s completely unrelated to Alice in Chains, if you want a general idea of how I’m writing the book, I would recommend reading The Man Who Volunteered for Auschwitz.

Before They Were Famous

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Spotted – a much younger Mike McCready with his then-band Shadow in an ad in February 1986 edition of The Rocket


Hilarious Discovery

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Found this article in the June 1984 issue of The Rocket:


Seattle rock and roll was doing just fine a few years later, as we all know

Alice in Chains have started touring in support of their upcoming album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Check out this photo of Sean Kinney’s new bass drum, which features a tribute to original band members Layne Staley and Mike Starr. The picture was taken at the AIC show in Miami on April 25:

h/t Alice in Chains – Brasil.

Review of Nirvana’s first single in the November 1988 issue of Backlash.


In response to my previous blog post about the Adriana Rubio book, I received the following email from Liz Coats, Layne Staley’s sister. The italics in the text are as they appear in her message:

I personally have never read Adriana’s book. I did meet with her and speak with her at length. I also talked with Layne when I was contacted by her, and let him know of her intentions to write a book about him. He let me know that he wanted no part of it. He said that he did not trust journalists, and that they had never been honest in his experience. He also said for me to tell her, and I quote, “Tell her if she wants to write a book about someone, she should write it about herself.”  Anyone who knew Layne would know that would be something he would say.
When I heard that Adriana claimed to have spoken to Layne, I knew the book would be full of lies, and I chose not to read it. The fact that she came out with that after his death made me sick. I regret that I ever spoke with her. In all of his wisdom, he was right again, and I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. She was not to be trusted.
You might wonder why I ever spoke with her in the first place. Imagine watching your big brother, this incredible man, trapped in his addiction, a personal hell on earth, for years and years. When I was first contacted by Adriana, I was so grateful that this woman from another country was so impressed by him, and wanted to tell his story, and honor him this way. I wanted Layne to know, or hear again, how much he was admired and loved, as he was such an extraordinary person. I even had the hope that a book written honoring him, might be one of the things that might change his course. You grasp at straws after you’ve watched someone you love go through such strife for so long.
I’m glad so many people realize what a joke this book was. I hate the thought of people believing her lies, but I know the truth, and that’s why I will never read the book. No point.

On page 105 of her book, Rubio quotes Staley as saying, “When I’m working on something, you know, I don’t like disturbances of any kind. Lizzy never bothers me with stupid things like this Â…(laughs!), I’m still wondering why she feels that you are a good person and that you will not try to find dirt to print. (Laughs) I must admit that I was very disappointed with all this; you know the book thingÂ…… I’m still thinking that you should write a book about yourself! The media is the worst thing I ever experienced. Why do they persist on filling the papers with distorted things? If I didn’t say a word in yearsÂ… why don’t they leave me alone? I just had enough with them. They should burn in hell. As far as youÂ…… mmmm we’ll see… (laughs) I won’t read your book… Â…my mother and sister will do for sure.”

Based on Coats’ statement, it appears that she relayed Staley’s message on to Rubio, who promptly included it in her manuscript in the first person to make it appear as if he had said it to her directly.