Go West Young Man

Posted: June 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

An old phrase stated again. I am venturing into two new worlds today. Heading west from the nation’s capital to start school and online to vex you all with my opinions and rants.

So look out Raw Data, DeBloga is in the race.

  1. ThatsAllFolks says:

    Congratulations! Good luck out west. Adam

  2. daveschechter says:

    Now where do I go for updates on Abu Ghraib photos, ACLU releases and political parsings? Oh well, good luck juggling the demands of graduate school and choosing the right spf.

  3. goodluckdavid! says:

    I have to concede, it’s my fault. Well, partially at least.
    I should have known better last fall, when David asked me to write a recommendation for a few grad school applications.
    Thinking it was a casual idea he was toying with, not really serious about, I even wrote a good one. AND sent it out on time!

    What was I thinking?

    I called him a “a student of history,” “inquisitive,” “industrious” and “entrepreneurial.” All true, of course, but only later when he was accepted did it become apparent he was actually going to go ahead and (!) further his education.

    So of course David has done great work package producing, field producing and as blog-watcher extraordinaire; however, some of his most memorable work was as writer of wires. One classic — about the crew of workers at a nuclear weapons plant in Texas that tried to tape together broken pieces of a highly explosive compound, which could have led to a violent reaction. That and others posted for posterity on CNN.com.

    So David, best of luck back at school. We will miss you and hope that maybe you will come back and join us one day again.

    Best wishes!

  4. JimBarnett says:


    You are terrific example of the best CNN has to offer. Your diligent and constant attention to all things Prison Abuse made us wiser and better informed. Thanks for assuming the lead.

    Hurry back and best of luck out West.


  5. candy crowley says:

    DAVID ! You cannot go west just when the presidential campaign is getting good. Your new gov. may have tried to have sex with other woman…but biden’s having sex with his wife for god’s sake. As you leave all things politic for all things academic, i leave you with Huff post :

    “while Joe Biden is interested in becoming president, he’s actually not all that horny for the job. “I’d rather be at home making love to my wife while the children are asleep,” he recently told a group of young supporters.

    A Biden spokesman followed up by saying this shows that running for president “is not an egotistical pursuit” for Biden and that he is “totally in love with his wife.”

    Hard to argue with that. After all, Biden and his wife Jill have been married for 29 years. The fact that they’re still having sex — let alone sex that is more enticing than the presidency — is no small achievement.

    But I must admit to being a bit confused by the stipulation that said sex can only take place after the children are asleep. Is this some kind of nod to the mythical “values voter” crowd? Even so, it seems a bit extreme given that Biden’s youngest child is his 25-year-old daughter and his two sons are in their mid-30s. So does the Bidens’ foreplay include a quick call to his children to make sure they’re all asleep (and wouldn’t this defeat the purpose by waking them up?). Or do “the kids” zap him a nightly message on his BlackBerry, telling him when they’re hitting the hay so the folks know its okay to fire up the fireplace and the Barry White CD? “

    fond farewell david -but really, can you give up all this?

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