Hollywood Goes to Connecticut

Posted: July 18, 2006 in 2006 Elections

I suspected this was going to happen, but this AP report confirms it.

Gore/Lieberman was such an odd pairing to go to Hollywood and ask for their money and support, given their well-documented criticisms of the entertainment industry. I think what happened in 2000 was that a lot of the Hollywood scene either held their breath and voted for Gore/Lieberman in spite of whatever disagreements they might have had with either of them (i.e. Barbra Streisand, Paul Newman), or got behind Ralph Nader (i.e. Tim Robbins, Michael Moore).

Given their criticism of the entertainment industry, I was assuming that if Gore/Lieberman got elected, that the PMRC was going to move into the West Wing. Given the well-documented dislike of President Bush in the entertainment industry, and his post-election political moves to the left on issues like Iraq, Gore has endeared himself to the Hollywood crowd. Lieberman has continued to be his usual self, and hasn’t made any friends in Hollywood by supporting the Iraq war.


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