The International Community Forcing Kim Jong Il to Go Cold Turkey?

Posted: October 10, 2006 in Foreign Policy, Humor, National Security

This from the New York Post:


October 10, 2006 — The United States moved quickly yesterday to seek tough U.N. sanctions against North Korea – including an export ban that would cut off alcohol-guzzling Kim Jong Il’s flow of his beloved top-shelf booze.

The U.S. plan for hard-hitting sanctions against the rogue communist nation came as world leaders joined the international outcry against Kim’s underground test Sunday night of a nuclear weapon.

The Bush administration urged the United Nations to take urgent steps, including:

* Banning sales of military hardware to North Korea,

* Inspecting all cargo entering or leaving the country, and

* Freezing assets connected with its weapons programs.

But it was a ban on countries exporting “luxury” items to North Korea that would hit Kim the hardest – right in his prodigious liquor cabinet, stocked with the world’s best libations.

The often-drunk Pyongyang dictator is known for his huge consumption of pricey French wines, Johnnie Walker scotch and the finest cognac.

He is said to spend an astounding $650,000 a year just for Hennessy cognac, and the basement of his official residence is a wine cellar with nearly 10,000 bottles of one of France’s most famous exports. And those foreigners who have spent time with Kim say his thirst is never sated. Reaction to Kim’s boast of a successful nuclear test was swift at the U.N. Security Council.

How come they didn’t show this in Team America?


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