Circular Firing Squad

Posted: October 15, 2008 in 2008 Elections, John McCain
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This time from John McCain’s brother, no less. The Baltimore Sun has the story:

WASHINGTON – Frustrations inside John McCain’s camp boiled over on the eve of Wednesday night’s presidential debate as the candidate’s brother unleashed an e-mail blasting the campaign’s “counter-productive” strategy.

“Let John McCain be John McCain,” wrote Joe McCain in a missive sent out shortly before midnight Monday. “Make ads that show John not as crank and curmudgeon but as a great leader for his time.”

McCain’s younger brother was sharply critical of unnamed top campaign officials who “so tightly ‘control the message'” that they are preventing reporters from speaking with those, like himself, who know the candidate best. His complaint echoed those of other McCain intimates who have chafed for months at orders not to speak with the news media without advance permission from the campaign.

The younger McCain called this news management strategy “counter-intuitive, counter-experiential, and counter-productive” because it conflicts with his brother’s reputation for openness. The clampdown “has gradually bled away all the good will that this great man had from the press,” he wrote.

Update: The full text of the e-mail can be read here.

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