NRSC Gives Up on Colorado Senate Race

Posted: October 17, 2008 in 2008 Elections, Senate
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Hello, Senator Udall…

Republican sources in Colorado and Washington say that the National Republican Senatorial Committee plans to pull out of the state by next week, an acknowledgment that its independent expenditure resources would be better spent on defense elsewhere.

Earlier this week, the NRSC withdrew its advertising from the Louisiana Senate race.

The NRSC is still helping Roger Wicker in Mississippi and incumbents Norm Coleman in Minnesota, John Sununu in New Hampshire.

Update: TPM Election Central says Colorado is still in the game.

NRSC: We Are Not Pulling Out Of Colorado
The NRSC is denying reports that they are pulling out of the Colorado Senate race, a story that has been circulating on the blogs today. “Reports that we are pulling out of Colorado are false,” NRSC spokesman John Randall told Election Central, adding that another ad is going up on the air.


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