Tough Crowd

Posted: October 19, 2008 in 2008 Elections, Media
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Jonathan Martin has this note about the differing treatments McCain crowds give to CNN’s Ed Henry and Fox’s Carl Cameron.

Carl Cameron and Ed Henry are both top-flight reporters.

But they work for networks which are viewed in, shall we say, differing lights by Republican activists.

So when Fox’s Cameron and CNN’s Henry took to opposing risers today at a McCain rally in Woodbridge, Virginia, their receptions were starkly different.

“CNN sucks!,” yelled one voter at Henry. “Communists go home,” shouted another”

At one point, Henry was hit with a flying pack of chewing gum.

Toward the end of McCain’s speech — which a handful of especially passionate activists ignored to hurl insults at Henry and other reporters — a chant went up: “We want Fox, we want Fox.”

I know Ed. He’s a consummate professional who does his job come hell or high water, but this has got to make it very difficult.


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