Rove Map Not Kind to McCain

Posted: October 20, 2008 in 2008 Elections, Talking Heads
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As a habit, I try to keep up with what the various pundits are saying about the election, because what they focus on often drives the political discussion at the local and national level. One guy I’ve been following especially closely is Karl Rove.

He’s been updating his presidential map fairly frequently, and I am surprised at his most recent forecast: a 313-171 rout for Obama, winning Florida and Virginia. Undecided states include Missouri, North Carolina, and North Dakota.

Rove is a movement conservative, but his political instincts and insights are finely honed after decades of experience as a partisan operative. Whether or not his new role as a pundit frees him from the standard GOP spin is subject to debate, but if he is being this frank about McCain’s chances publicly, I can only imagine the kind of fretting going on behind closed doors in Republican circles.


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