Circular Firing Squad

Posted: October 26, 2008 in 2008 Elections, John McCain, Sarah Palin
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The finger-pointing and blame game continues.

It is absolutely stunning for a McCain adviser to call his running mate a “diva” and say that she has no relationship of trust with anyone in the campaign a week before Election Day. The sharpening of the knives continues inside the Republican Party and it is going to be very ugly over there after this election is over.

Update: Also check out this story from Politico’s Ben Smith.

Update II: Karl Rove gets in on the action, calling the finger-pointing “sad” on Fox News Sunday.

Update III: Bill Kristol, arguably Palin’s biggest supporter in the TV pundit class, takes the McCain campaign and the RNC out to the woodshed over their handling of Sarah Palin, saying she’s been “ill served” by them.


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