Live blogging The Mars Volta and Soundgarden

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Music
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Fun fact: This is the first time I’ve seen Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez perform live since I saw At the Drive-In open for Rage Against the Machine back in 1999.


8:15 – Mars Volta opening set over. Cedric Bixler has not mellowed out as a performer one bit since the last time I saw him.

8:50 – Soundgarden take the stage. Cornell still sounds great 20+ years later.


8:55 – Spoonman!


9:10 – Jesus Christ Pose… WOW.


9:35 – Fell On Black Days

9:55 – Outshined


10:05 – And the crowd goes wild during Rusty Cage…


10:07 – Black Hole Sun live – absolutely incredible… Kim Thayil’s guitar solo blows my mind.


10:42 – They do take requests… Cornell sees guy in front holding a sign that says “Mailman.” The band plays it.

11:00 – Show’s over… Shocked Chris Cornell still has a voice after tonight, let alone after 20+ years of doing this.


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