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All times EST, British time is four hours later…

5:30a – Carole Middleton – the mother of the bride – making her way to Westminster Abbey.

5:31a – Don’t think I can remember seeing British royals aristocrats taking shuttle buses before.

5:33a – Carole Middleton arrives at Westminster. She was accompanied by her son James Middleton.

5:37a – Several members of the British royal family entering Westminster Abbey.

5:40a – Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, heading over to Westminster Abbey.

5:42a – The Queen and Prince Philip leave Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey.

Prince Andrew and his daughters with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have arrived. See this tweet from CNN’s Richard Greene:

“Uncontrollable laughter in newsroom as Princess Beatrice arrives “wearing a firework in her hair,” according to one of the kinder reviews.”

5:46a – The gang’s all here…  Now all eyes – and cameras – are on the Goring Hotel for Kate Middleton’s departure and glimpse of the dress.

5:49a – Another good catch from Richard Greene on Twitter.  Check out this royal typo:

BAHAHAHAHAHA. The sown/sewn typo in the @geoffhillcnn tweet about the Queen’s dress is @ClarenceHouse‘s, not his.

5:51a – Kate Middleton and her father are leaving the hotel for Westminster Abbey.

6:01a – Like clockwork, Kate Middleton and her father have arrived at Westminster Abbey. Bells ringing all over London.

6:02a – Clarence House spills the beans on Kate’s wedding dress via Twitter: designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

6:05a – Game on… Kate Middleton being walked down the aisle by her father.

6:10a – Some context from CNN’s Piers Morgan: the hymn being sung now was the final hymn sung at Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, which also took place at Westminster Abbey. According to CBS Radio, it is a Welsh hymn titled Cwn Rhondda.

6:11a – ABC’s Diane Sawyer reports:

Diane Sawyer: “In case you missed it we saw Prince William say ‘you look beautiful'” #royalwedding

6:16a – William and Kate taking their marriage vows.

6:19a – William has a little trouble getting the ring on Kate’s finger but finally manages.  William himself will not be wearing a wedding band.

6:21a – It’s official… Prince William and Kate are now married.

6:28a – More from Piers Morgan: a special choral anthem commissioned as wedding gift being performed now.

6:32a – Address delivered by the Bishop of London.

6:35a – Just found out that Westminster Abbey is on Twitter. A useful resource for following the ceremony.

6:43a – Seeing all this brings a Peter Gabriel lyric to mind (albeit in a different and happier context): “And the eyes of the world are watching you now.”

6:48a – From CNN’s Piers Morgan: The hymn “Jerusalem” by William Blake is being performed.  English rugby fans – including Prince William – will know this word for word.

6:52a – The British national anthem – “God Save the Queen” – now being performed inside the abbey. No, it’s not the Sex Pistols version, unfortunately.

6:54a – Multiple observers have pointed out that everyone inside the abbey was singing “God Save the Queen” except… the Queen herself.

6:55a – TIME Magazine reports:

William joked to his father-in-law at altar: “We were supposed to have just a small family affair”

6:59a – Canadian broadcaster CTV reports:

According to a colleague, when Harry looked back as Kate was walking down the aisle, he said to Will, “Wait ’til you see her.” Sweet

7:05a – The newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are filing out of the abbey.

7:09a – Crowds cheer and bells ringing all over London as William and Kate exit Westminster Abbey.

7:11a – William and Kate leave Westminster in an open-air carriage en route for Buckingham Palace. Carole Middleton, Camilla Parker-Bowles (William’s stepmother) and the Queen seen chatting outside Westminster Abbey.

7:15a – The Queen and Prince Philip follow, heading to Buckingham Palace in their own carriage.

7:22a – Carriage procession approaching Buckingham Palace.

7:38a – CNN’s Richard Quest points out that the bells will be ringing for the next three hours.

7:44a – CNN’s Piers Morgan said this earlier and he’s absolutely right: the Brits do pomp and pageantry better than anybody.