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Lots of activity in the White House hiring announcements:

Greg Craig gets the White House Counsel job.

Eric Holder will be Attorney General.

Tom Daschle will be Health and Human Services Secretary.

Phil Schiliro gets the nod for Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs.

Valerie Jarrett will be Senior Adviser and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison.

Peter Orszag will take over the Office of Management and Budget.

Lisa Brown will be staff secretary.

Chris Lu will be cabinet secretary.

So to recap, here’s what the administration looks like so far.

President – Barack Obama
Chief of Staff – Rahm Emanuel
Vice President – Joe Biden
Chief of Staff – Ron Klain
White House Counsel – Greg Craig
Senior Adviser – David Axelrod
Senior Adviser – Valerie Jarrett
Press Secretary – Robert Gibbs
Legislative Affairs – Phil Schiliro
OMB – Peter Orszag
Cabinet Secretary – Chris Lu
Staff Secretary – Lisa Brown

HHS – Tom Daschle
Attorney General – Eric Holder