Counting Your Eggs Before They’re Hatched

Posted: October 26, 2008 in 2008 Elections, Barack Obama, Beltway Drama
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According to Steve Clemons, there is a rumor the Obama campaign will announce his cabinet on November 7 – three days after the election. The other rumor is that John Kerry and Bill Richardson are frontrunners to be Secretary of State.

While every campaign has a short list of candidates for the cabinet and other key political appointments, I think it is extremely foolish for the Obama campaign to be so presumptuous to be telegraphing a move like this. Yes, they are in the driver’s seat right now with just over a week to go before the election, but a lot can happen or change in one day, let alone eight.

The McCain campaign seized on the erroneous story that John Podesta had already written Obama’s inaugural address. If this is true, expect a similar reaction.


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