Election Night Live Blogging 2

Posted: November 6, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Politics
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8:00 pm – CNN calls Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts (Romney’s home state), Maine (3 out of 4 electoral votes) and Rhode Island for President Obama. Oklahoma called for Romney.
CNN exit poll of Florida is now 50-49.
Virginia numbers starting to come in. 5 percent of the vote in and Romney leads 59-40.
8:10 pm – CNN’s Erin Burnett reporting from Columbus, Ohio: 1.8 million people voted early or absentee. Those numbers starting to come in. Per CNN’s Martin Savidge in Cleveland, Obama is currently leading 176k to 72k.
8:14 pm – CNN calls Georgia for Romney. Obama leads Electoral College count 64-56 so far.
8:19 pm – CNN calls Maine Senate race for Independent candidate Angus King. First Republican loss of the night. Bob Corker, Bill Nelson, Tom Carper, Ben Cardin and Sheldon Whitehouse win reelection.
Huge upset in the making in Indiana: Joe Donnelly leading Richard Mourdock in Indiana Senate race 49-45.
8:25 pm – From The Week’s Marc Ambinder: Looks like Hispanic and young voters are slightly larger slices of the electorate than 2008. The Obama coalition appears – appears – solid
8:30 pm – 20 percent of the vote in from #Ohio, Obama leads 59-40 BUT that number will change. Most votes coming from Dem areas of the state.
56 percent of the votes in from Florida, Obama leads 51-48
8:32 pm – Roll Call declares Chris Murphy the winner in the Connecticut Senate race.
8:42 pm – CNN calls Alabama for Romney.
8:49 pm – CNN’s Dana Bash: Massachusetts and Indiana Senate races still too close to call.
8:57 pm – Another round of polls about to close. Starting another thread.


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