Election Night Live Blogging 3

Posted: November 6, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Politics
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9:00 pm – Another bunch of polls about to close, including two key swing states: Colorado and Wisconsin – Paul Ryan’s home state.
9:02 pm – CNN calls Michigan for Barack Obama… Huge political and symbolic loss for Romney.
Electoral College stands at Romney 152 Obama 123.
9:05 pm – CNN Washington Bureau chief Sam Feist teasing a major projection on Twitter.
9:08 pm – Here’s the projection: Republicans will keep control of the House of Representatives.
9:09 pm – CNN’s Dana Bash says Democratic sources telling her Republicans could end up with a net gain of seats in the House after polls on the West Coast close. Some Democrats upset that Obama didn’t do anything to help House Democrats, save for one robocall on behalf of Tammy Duckworth.
9:15 pm – HUGE CALL: NBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama.
With Romney losing Pennsylvania, he has effectively lost his backup plan if he fails to win Ohio.
9:32 pm – Another nail in Romney’s coffin: CBS calls Wisconsin – Paul Ryan’s home state – for Obama.
9:35 pm – Fox News calls the Indiana Senate race for Democrat Joe Donnelly. This is another loss for Senate GOP, caused by Richard Mourdock’s self-inflicted wound.
Fox News calls Wisconsin Senate race for Democrat Tammy Baldwin.
9:42 pm – CBS News calls the Massachusetts Senate race for Elizabeth Warren.
9:44 pm – In discussing Obama voter turnout and wins in Midwest, Jessica Yellin notes that it looks like David Axelrod’s mustache will remain intact.
Political Wire: David Axelrod keeps his mustache with Obama wins in WI, MN and MI… http://politicalwire.com/archives/2012/10/31/axelrod_bets_his_mustache.html
9:52 pm – Another loss for Romney. NBC calls New Hampshire – where Romney has a home – for Obama.
Another round of polls about to close at the top of the hour. Switching to a new thread.


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