Election Night Live Blogging 4

Posted: November 6, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Politics
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10:00 pm – Polls in Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada and Utah about to close. Key state to watch here is Nevada, which Obama campaign feels very good about. Iowa also another one to watch.
10:05 pm – CNN calls New Hampshire for Obama.
From The Atlantic: Romney health care advisor: ‘Congrats to my Dem friends. Best wishes for the new administration’ http://theatln.tc/alDa3L
49 percent of the vote in Ohio, Obama leads 51-47.
10:09 pm – NBC calls Missouri Senate race for incumbent Claire McCaskill. Another lost opportunity for the Republicans.
10:16 pm – According to CNN’s Dana Bash, it is now mathematically impossible for Republicans to take control of the Senate.
On CNN just now – James Carville: “It looks like President Obama’s going to carry Florida.” Alex Castellanos: “I hate it when he’s right.”
10:26 pm – From Blake Hounshell: Karl Rove sounding like Baghdad Bob right about now.
There are going to be a lot of pissed off GOP billionaires right now who bankrolled super PACs and have nothing to show for it.
10:45 pm – NBC calls Minnesota for Obama.
From Al Gore: I am confident in saying that President Obama is going to carry the state of Florida tonight. http://bit.ly/PpLrD1 #Current2012
10:54 pm – AP calls North Carolina for Romney.
Polls closing at the top of the hour… Switching to a new thread.


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